If you have any inquiries that aren't addressed below in our Frequently Asked Questions, please feel free to shoot us an email at support@shypr.biz and we'll get back to you shortly.

When can I place a delivery?

Anytime! We are open 24/7.

How quickly can I receive a delivery?

Pretty quickly. Once your Driver confirms they are en route to pick up your package, a timetable will be delivered depending on the distance between you and the final destination.

What kinds of things can Shypr deliver?

Anything — except for products that are illegal for us to deliver. For a full list of restricted products, click here.

How does the Shypr process work?

Shypr brings transparency and efficiency to every single job. Once a delivery job has been dispatched, Shypr enables direct communication between you and your courier — meaning no more having to go through third-party communications or telephone "middlemen.” You and your courier will be able to contact each other via the Shypr platform, allowing seamless communications throughout the delivery. You can also track deliveries online and receive real-time notifications showing delivery status each step of the way. And you will know immediately when the delivery is signed for with our digital signatures.

How do I request someone with a van or truck?

When you are placing your new delivery request, make sure to select oversize and put in the proper dimensions and weight so our Drivers are prepared. We dispatch our deliveries to different vehicles based on the size and weight of the items you need delivered. You can also put in the notes section that you would like a van/truck/SUV, etc.

How will I know when my items have been delivered?

Email. You’ll be sent a notification immediately when a Driver is assigned to you, when the package is picked up and when the package is received. You will also have access to see who signed for the package at each location. Of course, if there are ever any issues, you can always reach us at support@shypr.biz.

How do you ensure qualified couriers will be handling my deliveries?

Shypr is committed to best-in-class courier operations. Shypr couriers are individually recruited and vetted by us. The courier workforce is led by a dedicated team member with 20-plus years of experience in local, same-day delivery. A key component of our quality control is full transparency: As soon as a Driver is dispatched for your job, you'll receive the assigned courier's Shypr profile, which includes a photo and performance history. Finally, Shypr values consistency of service. To that end, we are designing a training program all Drivers must pass before entering our workforce. Our training will include service protocols and key safety measures and we'll require strict adherence from Drivers who have joined our network.

How do I become a verified Driver?

Go here to fill out some quick info. If Shypr has opportunities in your area, a courier manager will be in touch within a few days!

Can I cancel or modify a job after I've posted it to Shypr?

You can cancel a job at any time before the package has been picked up. Just look for "Active Shipments" under the Shipments tab. There you can see all deliveries pending and are free to cancel the job. If you cancel before a driver accepts your delivery, there is no cancel fee. If you cancel after a driver has accepted the package and is en route to the pickup location, there is an automated $5 cancel fee.

How much does delivery cost on Shypr?

Shypr pricing is based on package size and distance of travel. Click here to get your estimate and schedule on-demand shipping now.

How will I get charged for my deliveries?

Shypr strives to provide the most efficient, secure payment processing possible. We process all payments through Stripe, one of the most secure online payment processing services available. Payments can be made either directly via your credit card or debit card. If you'd like to keep your card information on file for faster billing, you can also store it securely. We'll soon be offering flexible invoicing options for customers with frequent delivery needs

What if I'm not satisfied with my delivery service?

We hope that’s not the case, so we want your feedback! After each delivery, Shypr lets you rate your Driver. Feedback is stored in our system and is made available to our Drivers, which allows us to continually improve our system and provide customers with the best service possible. To further ensure you peace of mind, we've also implemented insurance coverage on each delivery up to $250.