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How Shypr Works

Explore how you can use Shypr for your next pick-up and delivery.

Get a special quote for business
Get special quote for business

The Best Delivery Service Experiences Begin with Shypr

With Shypr, it’s faster and easier to send just about anything, anywhere. Whether you need a business or personal delivery service, our experienced couriers will make sure your package is delivered safely and in great condition.

Whether it’s a care package for a loved one or a gift for a friend’s birthday, Shypr can help you send them and more. We deliver just about anything without the hassle of traditional shipping and fulfillment. Simply tell us where your item is, and well do the rest.


Using Shypr for your business is fast and easy. Get your custom quote from any device and place your same-day delivery request in just a few steps. We’ll send you a qualified courier who will pick up your package and deliver it to the right place, at the right time.

Place Your Order shypr
Place Your Order

Whether you need to send just one parcel or need a nonstop delivery service, Shypr can help. All you need to do is tell us the size of your parcel and where it needs to go. You can place your order from your browser, the Shypr app, or in automated mode through our API. To get the Shypr app, go to the App Store or Google Play.

Get Matched With A Driver
Get Matched With A Driver

Once your pick-up and delivery request is confirmed, we’ll send the closest driver to collect and deliver your parcel. Proactive notifications will keep you in the loop every step of the way.

Track in Real-Time
Track in Real-Time

Watch the progress of your driver in real-time on a map— right from pick-up to arrival at your delivery point. No matter the size or quantity of your parcel, we’ll provide you with everything you need to track it at every step of its journey.

Confirm Delivery
Confirm Delivery

Not only does Shypr provide tracking updates as your parcel moves in real-time, but you’ll also receive confirmation photos at every delivery point. Upon successful delivery, you can then rate your delivery driver and are always welcome to include a tip.


Scalable solutions for your same-day and on-demand delivery needs

Senpex Local
Shypr Local

Watch the progress of your driver in real-time on a map— right from pick-up to arrival at your delivery point. No matter the size or quantity of your parcel, we’ll provide you with everything you need to track it at every step of its journey.

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Shypr Nationwide

Shypr Nationwide is a one-stop shipping solution for everyone. Partnering with top national carriers, we provide thy absolutely new experience in shipping your parcels nationwide throughout the USA.

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House Logistics
In-House Logistics (SaaS)

Our in-house logistics solutions act as your back office, giving you everything you need to simplify your delivery operations, plan the most efficient delivery routes, and delight customers with swift deliveries.

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Collection service
Collection service (CS)

Senpex’s collection service streamlines shipping and order fulfillment for wholesale business through integrated technology. Once you are connected, orders are automatically collected at your store, where our in-house team pick and ship them directly to your customers.

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Easy API
Easy API

Senpex API offers the on-demand delivery services you need for your eCommerce store. With our API, you can automate your delivery process, allowing you to reduce overhead and inefficiencies as you boost your sales. Simply integrate your store and let us do all the work.

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Multi-Routes Optimization
Multi-Routes Optimization

Built on a proprietary technology stack, Senpex helps you save on delivery fees and time by identifying optimal routes that help your drivers complete multi-stops faster.

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These brands trust Senpex

We team with a vast set of leading companies to push the boundaries of what technology can enable your pick-up and delivery needs.

Our numbers tell the story of our success


Our fully insured, trained couriers are strategically located across California, Washington, New York, Ohio, Virginia, and Massachusetts, ensuring we dispatch your packages without hassle.


Corporate Partners
From leading brands like Facebook and Rigetti to local grocery stores, businesses of all shapes and sizes trust Senpex to deliver their delicate and sensitive packages in a timely manner.


Successful Deliveries
No matter the size or value of your parcel, our fully trained couriers will pick it up and deliver it to its destination with total professionalism and care.


Customer Satisfaction
Both individuals and businesses love working with Senpex because of our commitment to creating smooth delivery service experiences that meet their expectations every time.